R P Stone Clinic
Kidney stone treatment by Flexible Ureteroscopy / RIRS
No Hole, No Cut, Day care procedure, Safest way for removal of Kidney Stones
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    R.P.Stone Clinic Pvt. Ltd. SCF – 30-31, Sector – 11, Near Angel Pime Mall, HUDA Colony, Panipat – 132103,Haryana, India.
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R.P Stone Clinic
To remove stone safely without operation. Excellent and Satisfactory treatment. Recommendation to all patients . It is the best and safe method to get kidney stone removed.
R.P Stone Clinic
R P Stone Clinic is the best Hospital for Stone Treatment, my experience overall is good. I want to say one thing specially for Dr. Pawan Gupta: He is the best doctor and he is very cooperative person and other staff is also cooperative. thanks to all Team who treated me.
R.P Stone Clinic
The urologist from patiala named Dr Goyal introduced Dr. Pawan Gupta saying there is only one person in north who can remove stone from kidney thru flexible rirs technology. No body else has that perfection, he is man who brought this to india. It is best place for surgery with best doctor and very caring staff. It is like a home away from home. Such complicated surgery performed like a cup of tea in morning.
R.P Stone Clinic
I came to R P Stone Clinic as I was suffering from Gall Bladder stone. I was knowing the Good reputation of R P Stone Clinic. My treatment was awesome & I will tell others also. I would like to thank the whole staff for giving so much care.
R.P Stone Clinic
I'm a patient of kidney stone and reside in karnal. I was referred by a doctor from karnal to R P stone clinic. My treatment experience is good. All is well here
R.P Stone Clinic
I came here for treatment of gall bladder stones. My experience is good. very nice cooperative and very well taking care of patients as a good guardian. My thanks to Dr. Pawan Gupta.
R.P Stone Clinic
I am a patient that I have had 5 p.n. L on my right kidney. And I had another on my right kidney. I live in Iran and doctors said me it is not possible to another p.n.l . My stone was in lower Calix and 2cm with little communication to access to stone. I searched on internet I found dr Pawan Gopta, I came to R.P.stone clinic. dr is supportive and skillful and awesome. Their team were caring and kind.now I am stone free after 10 years.doctor Pawan Gopta is the best dr I have seen. Thanks to dr and their team.
R.P Stone Clinic
I had two stones in my left kidney 7mm and other 13 mm, wrongly advised we went for two lithotripsy which made my situation worse and I had to suffer from constant stone pain for one month. We had no other option but to bear that pain because my marriage was due during those days. With God’s Grace and painkillers somehow the marriage went fine. But after 10 days the pain became unbearable and worse, we went for CTC scan and realised due to lithotripsy the two stones have got joined as one stone of 19mm. Our relatives and friends advised us to go to R.P. Stone. After two bad experiences and bearing constant pain for one month I was really scared and wanted that pain to end. We went for Flexible Ureteroscopy and that was the end of bad and painful days. I got rid of my pain within one day and was discharge the same day. I am very much satisfied with all aspects of my treatment and would like to thank Dr. Pawan K Gupta and his team . The staff takes exceptional care of you and are very polite and helpful , The methods and equipment are modern and the accommodation is clean. I don't think I could have got better treatment anywhere else. I strongly recommend this hospital, its doctors, nurses and staff.
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